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Wanting to trace your Scottish ancestors?

Find your Scottish roots with our help...

There are different levels of research that may be undertaken, but

you can choose how little or how much research you want us to cover. From the outset you can set your budget, and we will work within it.

At each stage we will update you about how the research is progressing and suggest possible ways forward.


Exploratory Search 


A quick initial search to identify if further research is possible and where to access the records that are available.

It enables us to assess approximately what the cost of doing the research would be and would include suggestions for possible ways forward.

Standard Search


For this you will receive a professional report covering research into one line of a family, such as your father's or mother's family, though research may begin at any point in a family.

It will be sent to you in a wallet with family tree charts, and copies of any relevant original certificates.

Also included is a step-by-step account of the entire investigation with all the information extracted from certificates, census returns and old parish registers (pre- 1855) with their relevant reference numbers.


Comprehensive Search 


This is similar to the standard package except that other lines will also be pursued e.g. both the paternal and maternal lines, or searches for siblings.

Supreme Deluxe Search

This is the ultimate supreme deluxe package which includes elements of all of the other packages, with a lot more besides.

This package is enhanced with additional material and information which may include copies of relevant certificates, censuses, old maps, parish information such as kirk session minutes, mortcloth records, illustrations, photos of ancestral homes, gravestones, and, if appropriate, historical information to put 'the flesh on the bones' of the family being researched.

This will become the family history heirloom to pass down to your descendants.

Please ask for information of the cost for multiple copies.


The above costs are only a guideline. There is a daily rate for local research of 99 and research in Edinburgh or Glasgow costs 145 per day. Each package can be customised to suit individual requirements.

A deposit of 50 is payable before starting the research, this covers the cost of an initial exploratory search, which should establish whether information is available to allow further research to commence.

It is also possible to pay for work using PayPal, however there will be an administrative fee added on to cover the fees charged to me by PayPal. Please enquire further about this.

Cheques in sterling should be made payable to
Caroline Makein.

(An administration fee will be added to personal cheques made out in US, Canadian or Australian dollars. Please ask for details of the current charge.)