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Wanting to trace your Scottish ancestors?

Interested in learning about your family roots in Fife and other areas of Scotland?

Find your Scottish family

with our help...

This website will show you how Fife Rootsearch can help you find out more about your ancestors, producing family trees and genealogical reports which will be

fully referenced and customised to your requirements.

Isobel Makin and husband William Ross and family in Alva

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tracing ancestorsIn business since 2002, we aim to research that little bit further - going the extra mile for our clients - with our customised research service.

To start we need some details from you...

  • A name
  • A date of birth and place
  • A marriage
  • Or a death
...Preferably after 1855 which is when Statutory Registration began in Scotland. The more information you can supply about the family or person and where you think they lived, the better. You also need to indicate which line of your family that you wish to be traced i.e. is it your father's family or your mother's family or do you want to start further back?